Parent Quick Sheet

A tip sheet for our parents


Wednesday Folders

  • Student work samples and important school notes are sent home in Wednesday folders. You can also visit the Lynbrook website for copies of Wednesday folder school notes. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Conferences can be requested by the parent or the teacher. You can request a conference by email, a note, or by leaving a voicemail message. 
  • Please make an appointment when wanting to schedule a time to talk to teachers. Drop-in visits or conferences in the hall take the teachers' attention away from their responsibilities. 

Progress Reports

  • Grade 1-6: Sent home four times a year at the end of each quarter. 
  • Grade K: Will conference with teacher at the end of the first quarter and shall receive written reports the remainder of the quarters. 

Lost and Found

  • You are encouraged to mark your child's name on all items that may get lost. Lynbrook's Lost and Found is located outside the front office.


  • If you would like to bring in store-bought treats for your child's birthday, please contact the classroom teacher. The teacher will let you know of any dietary restrictions in the classroom. At Lynbrook, treats are shared at lunchtime. We ask that you do not send in gifts, balloons or candles. Please remember that birthday invitations should be delivered outside of school hours unless every child in the class is invited. 

Lunch Visitations

  • You are welcome to have lunch with your child. To provide a safe and positive lunch experience for all children, any questions or concerns about students interactions must be directed to the principal or assistant principals.

Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R)

  • FCPS has specific rules about student behavior as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities. Teachers and administrators discuss this booklet with students at the beginning of the year. A copy of this booklet will go home at the beginning of the school year to read and review with your child. After reviewing the booklet, please sign and return the signature page promptly. Students may be disciplined by school officials for behavior on school property, or while going to or returning from school.