English for Speakers of Other Languages

The mission of ESOL services is to prepare students to be college and career ready by developing students’ academic English language proficiency in all subject areas. ESOL services foster academic achievement, critical thinking and problem solving through engaging curricula, professional development and advocacy for English learners.

ESOL Services

  • Develop and assess English learners’ language proficiency and communication skills to meet and/or exceed grade level standards
  • Create resources to foster English learners’ ability to collaborate and to articulate critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Build capacity in school staff to deliver research-based best practice instruction and assessment for English learners
  • Support English learners’ access to advanced academics and/or other appropriate special services
  • Foster learning environments which value and build on students’ diverse academic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • Promote active participation of English learners and their families in the school community


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Our ESOL Staff

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