Outdoor Learning Space

Lynbrook Elementary has two outdoor learning spaces.  One is in the front of the school by the trailers.  This is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat as well as a certified Monarch Waystation.  The other space in the internal courtyard of the school where a bird sanctuary is being created.  This area will eventually be certified as a National Audubon Bird Sanctuary.

Lynbrook is registered with the National Wildlife Federation as an Eco School. We teach students about being conscious of our impact on the environment as individuals and as a school.  

Lynbrook is also registered as a Monarch Way Station with Monarch Watch.  Our second grade students learn about the importance of the Monarch butterfly to our local ecosystems and work to maintain and create Habitat for this important pollinator species.

Our Science Resource Teachers work with other environmental educators in FCPS to develop education programs, systems, and resources for all teachers and students within our division, through a teacher leadership team and Get2Green.