School History: 2000-Present

In the 21st century, Lynbrook Elementary School’s tradition of putting learning first continues. The Lynbrook Leprechauns come from many different countries and cultures but grow and develop through the wonderful experiences they have every day. As we look back at our more recent history, the Lynbrook school community has much to be proud of. Lynbrook has received numerous Healthy School Awards for having the largest number of participants in the Marine Corp Marathon (MCM) Kids Run. In 2005, fifth grade teacher Heather Miele was the recipient of the Fairfax County Public Schools Outstanding First Year Teacher award. In March 2007, Congressman Tom Davis addressed the U.S. House of Representatives, sharing a history of Lynbrook Elementary School in recognition of our 50th anniversary. The Family Learning Center opened in 2009, providing English instruction and job skill workshops for parents, computers for family use, and a place to gather in fellowship. The most recent addition to our school was constructed in 2012 at a cost of $2.7 million.

Aerial photograph of Lynbrook Elementary School taken from the northeast. A large cluster of portable classroom trailers is visible on the far right of the screen. A new classroom wing is being constructed on the rear of the building. The grounds around the courtyard and rear of the building have been heavily disturbed by construction. Sections have been fenced off and walkways have been created to guide students safely from the building to the playgrounds. Trees in the interior courtyard have been removed and construction equipment is visible in these areas. The cinderblock walls of the addition are complete, but the addition is not yet under roof.
March 30, 2012. The Lynbrook Leprechaun Village, on the far right, was comprised of 13 portable classrooms. Most of these trailers were moved to other schools after construction of the addition was complete.
Aerial photograph of Lynbrook Elementary School taken from the northeast. The new addition is complete. The building is now square in shape with a large open courtyard in the center. Behind the school, a new blacktop with basketball courts has been constructed. Bright green grass is growing in the areas previously disturbed by construction equipment. The trailers are still visible on the far right of the photograph. The picture provides a very good vantage point to see the different sections of the building that have been added over the years.
November 4, 2012. In 2012, Lynbrook had approximately 560 students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. More than 80 percent of Lynbrook's students spoke a language other than English at home, and 75 percent received English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instruction.

In the News

Take a few moments to watch some news stories featuring Lynbrook Elementary School. Topics include a hurricane disaster relief fundraiser, the Family Learning Center, Knitting Club, and the MCM Kids Run.